Hi, I’m Jared, the creator of Hike Solo Outdoors. Hike Solo Outdoors is a passion project of mine that I started early 2019 when my wife Mindy and I moved to the Appalachian Mountains of Northeast Tennessee.

Originally, Hike Solo Outdoors started out as a bit of a joke. I’ve always had a love for the outdoors, and I wanted to start documenting some of my local hiking trails. At the time, the movie ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’, and I thought it would be funny if I named the channel where I had started posting my hiking videos ‘Hike Solo: An Outdoors Story’. So I made a logo that took creative direction from the movie poster, and I ran with it.

Not long after however, I knew I wanted to turn the joke into a more serious project of mine. So I changed the name to Hike Solo Outdoors, and created the mountain logo. It was around this time, I created my Facebook group East Tennessee Hiking & Outdoors. It’s an awesome place to learn new trails, as well as meet other hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, so you should check it out.

The ultimate goal of Hike Solo Outdoors is to educate through virtual trail tours, general exploring, gear reviews, and discussion. Whether you’re just starting your hiking journey, or you’re a seasons veteran, I want to help and encourage as many people as possible to get out and enjoy the beauty of nature that’s all around us.


  • I love hiking (obviously) pretty much anywhere, but especially in the mountains
  • I love exploring new places with my wife Mindy and our two dogs, Sherlock and Akira (that’s Mindy and I in Lancaster, PA in the picture)
  • I am passionate about photography (My “grown up” job is a professional photographer, you can check out my work here.)
  • I love good food, craft beer, Napa Valley wine, and a good whiskey (neat)
  • I want to help everyone be able to experience the beauty of the natural world around them


  • Waterfall or Scenic Overlook? Overlook
  • Favorite Appalachian hike? Carver’s Gap area on Roan Mountain
  • Most beautiful place you’ve ever been? Managua and Masaya, Nicaragua
  • Place you’ve never been that you would most like to visit? Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada